Progressive Home Run Splash Pot Image


Progressive Home Run Splash Pot

During selected televised games, all tables will be splashed $100 for a D-Back Home Run.

Every D-Back Home Run after the first one will increase by $50.

If there are no D-Back Home Runs scored during the game, the next televised D-Back game will start with $200 and will increase by $50 for subsequent D-Back Home Runs.


Baseball Home Run Promotion Schedule:

Tuesday, May 2                @ Washington                 4:05PM FS-A

Wednesday, May 3         @ Washington                  4:05PM FS-A

Thursday, May 4               @ Washington                  10:05AM FS-A

Sunday, May 7                  @ Colorado                        12:10PM FS-A

Tuesday, May 7                vs. Detroit                           6:40PM FS-A

Wednesday, May 10       vs. Detroit                           6:40PM FS-A

Thursday, May 11            vs. Pittsburgh                    6:40PM FS-A

Sunday, May 14                vs. Pittsburgh                    1:10PM FS-A

Monday, May 15              vs. NY Mets                        6:40PM FS-A

Tuesday, May 16              vs. NY Mets                        6:40PM FS-A

Wednesday, May 17       vs. NY Mets                        12:40PM FS-A

Sunday, May 21                @ San Diego                       1:40PM FS-A

Monday, May 22              vs. Chi White Sox             6:40PM FS-A

Tuesday, May 23              vs. Chi White Sox             6:40PM FS-A

Wednesday, May 24       vs. Chi White Sox             12:40PM FS-A

Thursday, May 25            @ Milwaukee                    5:10PM FS-A

Sunday, May 28                @ Milwaukee                    11:10AM FS-A

Monday, May 29              @ Pittsburgh                      1:05PM FS-A

Tuesday, May 30              @ Pittsburgh                      4:05PM FS-A

Wednesday, May 31       @ Pittsburgh                      9:35AM FS-A