New Policy on Masks

ALL Valued Patrons will be required to wear a Face Mask to enter Fort McDowell Casino.  Patrons will be required to wear their Face Mask inside the Casino at all times. This is an enhanced Safety Measure for you and our employees. If you do not have a mask, you will not be permitted to enter the Casino Building and the Resort.   Thank you.



Fort McDowell Casino is offering guests the highest level of protection at every step of their visit.

High contact surfaces including gaming devices, chairs, and tables will be continuously cleaned throughout the day by special clean teams.

In Addition, to allow for enhanced nightly comprehensive cleaning, the Fort McDowell will close between 3 a.m. and 8 a.m. Sunday through Thursday. 

We will use this closure time to thoroughly clean and prepare our facilities to welcome back our guests each morning.  These extraordinary precautions have been undertaken to provide everyone a safe environment to return to. 

 We will maintain regular hours on Friday and Saturday with 24 hours slots and Blackjack


We are taking cleanliness to a new level to prepare for our reopening by implementing an aggressive new health and sanitation program to complement the already rigorous cleaning standards in place.  We are taking a measured approach to slowly reopen our Casino Resort one step at a time.  We take pride in being your preferred casino and resort destination, and are committed to providing exceptional service and experience for our guests and Team Members alike.  



What happens to my offers while you were closed? Will I get new offers once you are open again?

Thank you for your loyalty. We value our guests and once operations resume, we will honor your Fortune Club Status, and will be more than happy to extend the expiration date of your status as well.  Unfortunately, we will not be honoring any promotions that occurred or expired while we were closed.  New offers will eventually be available once operations resume. For up to date information please follow us on social media for the latest updates.


What happens to my Fortune Club account while you were closed?

Your membership and loyalty is important to us. Your current Fortune Club point and comp balances will remain active through the closure and we are protecting your membership level. As such, we will extend your membership to allow additional time to earn/maintain your current/new Fortune Club membership level.  Be on the lookout for exciting new promotions and giveaways!



How do I get a copy of my Win/Loss Statement for my Taxes?

Your privacy matters. Win/Loss requests can be requested through our Fortune Club department.   To protect your account information, during the temporary closure, Win/Loss statements were suspended. Once operations resume, Win/Loss requests will be processed. Please allow up to two weeks for processing. Thank you for your patience.


When can I book a future reservation for your hotel? What happens if I have a current reservation while you are closed?

We look forward to your stay with us once we reopen. Reservations can be made by going to or by calling 480-789-5300. For up to date information please follow us on social media for the latest updates.


When can we expect the return of Bingo, Poker and Table Games?

 Black Jack Table Games are now open and we are also opened non-smoking blackjack tables as well.     We will be practicing all social distancing and sanitation and cleaning protocols. In line with our phase opening approach, Bingo and the Silver Platter are now open.  Due to the ever evolving situation with the COVID 19 Pandemic, we are awaiting Federal, State, and Health Agency Guidance of when we can open Poker.


When will the Bingo Busses Start again?

Our Bus program is currently suspended as we monitor and await COVID 19 Guidance.  For up to date information please follow us on social media for the latest updates.



Thermal Cameras and Device

  • Points of entry will be limited to allow our security team to conduct non-invasive temperature checks utilizing handheld temperature scanners and thermal cameras
  • Anyone displaying a temperature over 100.0°F will be taken to a private area for a secondary temporal temperature screening
  • Any Team Members or guests confirmed to have a temperature over 100.0°F will not be allowed entry to the property and will be directed towards appropriate medical care


Physical Distancing

All resort outlets will comply with or exceed local and/or state mandated occupancy limits. You will notice us using the term “physical” distancing instead of “social” to implore you to keep distance from those that have not travelled with you to the property.

  • Plexiglas Shields:Plexiglas shields will be installed at service counter areas throughout the casino, hotel, restaurants, pool and back of house areas.
  • Floor Decals: Guests will be advised and directed to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from other groups of people not traveling with them while standing in lines, using elevators or moving around the property. Floor decals have been installed throughout the property to guide you.
  • Physical Layouts:Restaurant tables, slot machines and other physical layouts will be arranged to ensure appropriate distancing.
  • Team Members: Team Members will be reminded to practice physical distancing by standing at least six feet away from guests and other Team Members whenever possible. In addition, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided to protect Team Members (see below). Back of house Team Member flow patterns will be rearranged where possible to ensure social distancing.


Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer dispensers, touchless whenever possible, will be placed at key guest and Team Member entrances and highly frequented areas, such as driveways, reception areas, hotel lobbies, the casino floor, blackjack tables, restaurant entrances, meeting and convention spaces, elevator landings, etc.


Front of the House Signage

Health and hygiene reminders will be placed throughout the property, including signage about the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks, reminders to thoroughly wash your hands (minimum of 20 seconds), etc.


Back of the House Signage

Signage will also be posted throughout Team Member areas as reminders of proper health and hygiene practices to protect themselves. Signage will include, the proper way to wear, handle and dispose of masks, proper way to wear, handle and dispose of gloves (in positions deemed appropriate by medical experts), hand washing procedures, what to do if you need to cough or sneeze and many other key safety steps to take while at work.


Team Member & Guest Health Concerns

Team Members are instructed to stay home if they do not feel well and seek assistance from a health care provider on guidance about when they can return to work. Team Members and guests who are exhibiting any of the symptoms of COVID-19 while at the property are instructed to immediately notify their manager (Team Members) or security (guests).




The Casino Resort Team Members are integral for an effective health and sanitation program and will be trained extensively on new health and sanitation protocols. Teams with frequent guest contact will be given more comprehensive training on how to do so in a manner that protects not only the guest, but themselves.


Hand Washing

Correct hygiene and frequent handwashing with soap is vital to help combat the spread of viruses.  All Team Members are instructed to wash their hands, or use sanitizer when a sink is not available, every 60 minutes (for 20-seconds) and immediately after any of the following activities; using the restroom, sneezing, touching the face, mouth or nose, blowing the nose, cleaning, sweeping, mopping, smoking, eating, drinking, entering and leaving the gaming floor, going on break and before or after starting a shift. More frequent hand washing will be required in high volume areas such as restaurants and bars. Additional hand washing stations will be placed throughout Team Member areas to encourage more frequent-than-not hand washing with soap.


COVID-19 Training

All Team Members will receive training on COVID-19 safety and sanitation protocols with more comprehensive training for teams with frequent guest contact, including Fortune Club, Hosts, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Public Area Department, Hotel Operations and Security.





Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Appropriate PPE will be worn by all Team Members based on their role and responsibilities, and in adherence to state and/or local regulations and guidance. Training on how to properly use and dispose of all PPE will be mandatory. Every Team Member will be provided a mask and required to wear that mask while on property, regardless of area. Gloves will be provided to Team Members whose responsibilities require them as determined by medical experts, including housekeeping and public area attendants and security officers in direct contact with guests.




A Team Member will greet each visitor to the resort. Visitors will be screened for temperatures, asked to use hand sanitizer and strongly encouraged to wear a mask or proper face covering. Appropriate signage will also be prominently displayed outlining proper mask usage and current physical distancing practices in use throughout the Casino Resort.


Guest Arrival Valet, Taxi or Rideshare

  • Valet services will be suspended until further notice
  • Guests are to enter the Casino Resort through  Designated doors
  • Team Members will not open the doors of cars or taxis
  • Guests requesting bell service will be assisted with a freshly sanitized bell cart 
  • Bell carts will be sanitized after each guest is assisted


Guest Arrival by Resort Transportation

  • All Resort vehicles are will be thoroughly sanitized upon each return to property
  • Guests will be required to wear face masks or proper face coverings prior to boarding busses and shuttles
  • No more than four guests will be permitted per Van and no more than two (2) guests will be permitted per Golf cart unless a larger golf cart is utilized.
  • Guests will not be permitted to sit in the front passenger seat


Front Desk, Check-In, and Bell Desk

The front desk and bell desk will be arranged to allow for proper social distancing. Hand Sanitizer will be provided on the counter, and team members will offer hand sanitizer to guests.  Team members will clean and disinfect the countertops frequently. Team Members will encourage guests to follow proper social distancing by arranging waiting lines accordingly and demarcating if appropriate and necessary.


Hotel Managers will be available in the lobby to help enforce social distancing guidelines.


Carts, Wheelchairs, luggage carts will be cleaned and disinfected between guests. Team members will use a single cart per room reservation. Carts will be cleaned and disinfected prior to storage.


Room Keys will be cleaned and disinfected prior to stocking.


Hotel Guest Rooms

Industry leading cleaning and sanitizing protocols are used to clean guest rooms, with particular attention paid to high-touch contact items, including television remote controls, toilet seats and handles, door and furniture handles, water faucet handles, nightstands, telephones, in-room control panels, light switches, temperature control panels, alarm clocks, luggage racks and flooring


For protection of our guests and Housekeeping Staff, we will not be performing daily housekeeping service in our rooms. The hotel will provide additional towels or supplies up on request.   We ask you place trash outside your room for removal.  If you have questions, call 480-789-5300


Room Recovery Protocol

In the event of a presumptive case of COVID-19, (4) the guest’s room will be removed from service and quarantined. The guest room will not be returned to service until the case has been confirmed or cleared. In the event of a positive case, the room will only be returned to service after undergoing an enhanced sanitization protocol by a licensed third-party sanitation company



  • All bed linen and laundry will be changed daily and continue to be washed at a high temperature and in accordance with CDC guidelines
  • Dirty linens will be bagged in the guest room to eliminate excess contact while being transported to the laundry facility.


Hotel Guest Elevators

  • A Team Member will be present to sanitize all button panels at regular intervals
  • Signage will be posted to explain current procedures
  • No more than four (4) guests will be permitted per elevator


Hotel Amenities and Services

Our upcoming plans to open the following are:

  • Ahnala Restaurant – NOW OPEN
  • Pool Bar- NOW OPEN with Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Fitness Center- NOW OPEN, with Social Distancing Guidelines
  • Spa – Closed -waiting on Federal, State, and Health Agency guidelines.  


Water Features, Pools and Hot Tubs

The Pool is now open.  Manufacturer recommendations will be referenced to clean and disinfect water features, pools, and hot tubs.  In general, the CDC recommends removing any visible slime or biofilm before filling with water and performing a disinfection procedure before use.




Our Casino Resort uses cleaning products and protocols which meet EPA guidelines that are approved for and effective against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and blood borne pathogens. We are continuously working with our vendors, distribution partners and suppliers to ensure an uninterrupted supply of these cleaning supplies and necessary PPE.


Public Spaces and Communal Areas

The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing has been increased in all public spaces with an emphasis on frequent high-contact surfaces, including but not limited to, front desk check-in counters, bell desks, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms, room keys and locks, ATMs, kiosks, escalator and stair handrails, casino cage counters, gaming machines, gaming tables, gym equipment, dining surfaces and seating areas.



Casino Operations

  • To assist with physical distancing in each of our gaming areas, the number of seats available have been reduced
  • High-touch points are sanitized and cleaned on an increased schedule
  • Additional hand sanitizing stations are placed throughout the casino
  • Bingo and Silver Platter are NOW OPEN!
  • Blackjack Tables will be distanced to every other table and only 3 players per table
  • Blackjack Chips and Cards will be Sanitized on a regular and scheduled basis
  • Poker will remain closed until further guidance


Food & Beverage

  • All F&B Team Members have attended, successfully passed, and are current holders of the Maricopa Food Handlers card which teaches team members proper sanitation practices, how to avoid cross contamination, and other ways to promote public health.
  • We are following all recommendations of the CDC and FDA to ensure our team members are creating the safest possible environment for our guests and team members.


  • Café 87:  8am-9pm Monday through Friday 7am to 9 pm Saturday and Sunday
  • Lucky 7 and NY Deli:  7am-2am
  • SUSHI Bar- Closed Until Further Notice
  • Video Bar- NOW OPEN
  • Silver Platter- New Limited Hours
  • Gift Shop:  8am-12am midnight



Restaurants, Bars, Drink Stations

  • There will be limited seating to ensure proper distancing between parties
  • All tables will be spaced a minimum of 6’ apart
  • No groups or parties will be sat greater than 10 guests
  • For the time being, some of our food and beverage outlets and restaurants may be closed or offer limited hours and menus due to ever evolving COVID 19 guidance.
  • To-Go food will be available in certain food and beverage outlets. Menus will be single-use and disposed of after one time use
  • Queue lines with distancing decals will be in place to receive walk up service at outlets serving beer and liquor.
  • Tables and chairs will be sanitized after each use
  • Tongs will be used to garnish all drinks
  • POS terminals will be sanitized every hour
  • All countertops, workstations, cooler door handles, and draft beer taps will be sanitized at least once an hour
  • We will Provide Disposal menus and Menus in Acrylic Frames on the Table.





Back of the House

The frequency of cleaning and sanitizing will also increase in high-traffic back of house areas with an emphasis on the Team Member dining rooms, Team Member entrances, uniform control rooms, Team Member restrooms, loading docks, offices, kitchens, security scanning podiums, Team Member areas.


Shared Equipment

Shared tools and equipment will be sanitized before, during and after each shift or anytime the equipment is transferred to a new Team Member. This includes phones, radios, computers and other communication devices, payment terminals, landscaping tools, kitchen implements, engineering tools, safety buttons, folios, cleaning equipment, keys, time clocks and all other direct contact items used throughout the resort.


Cash Handling

Team Members will be following proper hand-washing protocols and will utilize hand sanitizer between transactions. Team members will be wiping down surfaces at regular intervals (ATM machines, counters, and terminals, etc.).


Air Filter and HVAC Cleaning

The frequency of air filter replacement and HVAC system cleaning has been increased and fresh air exchange will be maximized.